Most bettors don’t know whether they are winners or losers, or at least can’t calculate exactly what return they are getting on their betting. They bet different amounts and keep no records.

The basis of knowing how well you are doing, and knowing how well any pundits are doing is to reduce the complexity of the calculation and rely on Betting Units Won.

Betting Units Won is the true measure of a tipster's worth as it can give you an idea how much money you would have won or lost by following their advice.

To determine the Betting Units Won on different vigs you can use the formula below (where x = odds.)

• if x > 0 use, (x/100)
• if x < 0 use, (-100/x)

If Virginia is a 3-point favorite over Duke with the odds at -115, then you would use -115 for x in the in the second formula.

(-100/-115) = 0.8696

If Virginia covered the spread, you would have won +0.87 “units” for that play. If Virginia doesn’t cover, you would lose one unit or -1 “units”—representing the mount you bet.

ExpertPicks aims to help sports fans make informed decisions and genuinely enjoy their betting.

We would advise you against using over 2% of your bankroll on any given bet no matter how confident you are of it coming home, as sports betting is a risky business and you never know when your luck could be out. Betting responsibly is the only way to ensure the rollercoaster ride of sports betting is an enjoyable one and not a nightmare.
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