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    Our expert tipsters have a huge range of tips and bets to help you find value and winners across a wide range of sports. Be sure to also review the free bets and bookmaker specials that you can claim today. Below are today's betting tips for upcoming matches and events:

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    Everything You Need to Know About Betting Picks

    What is a betting pick?

    A betting pick in gambling is a bet suggested by someone who is perceived to be more knowledgeable about that sport or market than the reader and/or bookmakers who sets the betting odds.

    How can I win sports betting?

    Winning in sports betting is not easy but can be done with hard work, discipline, research, dedication, bankroll management and in depth knowledge about one or more sports.

    How do you succeed in betting?

    To succeed in betting you need to be disciplined and understand both the sports you are betting on and why bookmakers are setting the odds at a particular price.

    What is a betting bankroll?

    A betting bankroll is the amount of money you can afford to lose without it negatively affecting your quality of life.

    How do betting spreads work?

    Betting spreads is another term for handicaps with one team assigned a minus (-) point spread and the other team a positive point (+) spread.

    What happens when you win a bet?

    When you win a bet the bookmaker will pay you out, which means adding funds into your account depending on your stake and the betting odds.

    What is a betting stake?

    A betting stake is the amount of money you place on a bet.

    What if betting odds change after I bet?

    Betting odds on your particular market can change and fluctuate after you place your bet, but the odds you got when you placed your bet will not change. That's why it can be very profitable to bet early before odds shorten or go lower.

    How long will my bet take to be settled?

    Bookmakers attempt to settle bets immediately after an event or match has finished.

    Can bookmakers refuses to pay out or settle a bet?

    Bookmakers can refuse to pay out but do so very rarely, only in instances where they suspect and can prove foul play. It is always advisable to choose a reputable and trustworthy bookmaker before opening an account.

    How do I open a bookmaker account?

    Open a bookmaker account after doing research, reading independent bookmaker reviews and checking their betting markets and betting odds.