icon imageBetting Units Won vs Winning Percentage

    Betting Units Won is a great way to evaluate betting advice sources, but Winning Percentage can also be useful.

    Winning Percentage is particularly useful when adopting a high volume approach to sports betting. With this approach bettors try to reduce risk by making smaller bets but making more of them.

    The approach requires bettors to be disciplined with their bet amounts. At ExpertPicks, we recommend using 2% of your starting bankroll for each wager. (For more information, read Betting Unit Size.) 

    Changing your standard bet will probably cause more damage during the lows than it you will gain during the highs.

    The principle is simple. If you have a $100 bankroll and bet $50 each time, your bankroll is unlikely to last very long. One losing streak and you will be wiped out. But if you make a lot of $2 wagers, the bankroll can sustain the variance of wayward sports results and form the foundation for a long and cheap sports betting hobby.

    ExpertPicks betting strategies suggest 5-10 plays on an average day which you can reasonably expect to bring home a 54-55% win percentage. Instead of betting two games at big costs, we recommend you bet 2% of your bankroll on 10 plays.
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